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New York, Please save lives by staying home.

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I got ya eyes glued open
You got a eye itch, you wanna blink
What you think? That ain't a wise pick
That's why my friends only got like three guys left
Ends only got like three five cents
You wanna blow my head off? Be my guest
Breathe out my soul, like in the cold you can see my breath

Watch the premiere of Ntu’s new single, “Pile”


On his new release “Pile,” Ntu writes:

It’s a noise-inspired track that discusses generational trauma and what it means to be Black and free.

With “Pile,” Ntu — whom we had the pleasure of seeing perform live for the first time at Abu Nights Vol. 01, created something outside his comfort zone. Visually and sonically, “Pile” is more ambitious — harsher and multifaceted. Previous tracks like “Rememory” utilize noise elements to create texture and interest. Noise in “Pile” drives the message forward.

EFA Open Studios 2019 — a view into some studios


Note: EFA Open Studios is open today. Do not miss the opportunity to go, since it is the last day of this year’s event!

10011 attended EFA Open Studios last night. Unfortunately, we only saw three floors (floors 3-9 are full of studio spaces). The artists we met were extremely friendly and eloquent. They took the time to explain their work in-depth. Amelia Paige took beautiful pictures of the art and artists. Make sure to follow Amelia on Instagram and take a look at her website.

FORCES — The TAX Collection & Tambaran2 Gallery group show opens

The TAX collection is an online media powerhouse dedicated to showcasing contemporary artists. Tambaran2 is an Upper East Side art gallery focused on museum-quality tribal artwork. The two companies have previously collaborated on three exhibitions (Far-Off, Americana, and Passage).

10011 was invited to experience the opening of FORCES, a group show exhibiting five artists exploring natural phenomena in multiple media. Amelia Paige (Instagram) photographed the event, focusing on the art’s tangibility.

Abu Nights kick off in Brooklyn

Music is a changing landscape. In some ways, the changes can be democratizing. In other ways, the music industry is more controlled than ever. Rising marketing and distribution costs can make album releases feel like political campaigns, namely the costs involved. Where Spotify and Soundcloud were envisioned to make discovering new music infinitely easier, there is still an unquenchable void for curated, fresh music. Hearing a beautiful song for the first time is a huge thrill. For me personally, I can’t run on nostalgic sounds forever. Music is an important part of the forward-facing narrative of life and humanity — I, and I hope we, want to feel we are moving forward while soundtracked by energetic new songs. Thankfully, living in New York almost guarantees finding problem-solvers and brave creatives if you look hard enough (or read 10011). Abu Recordings is on this front.

Images by Amelia Paige Instagram Website

Jonathan Travis

How did your relationship with art begin? Do you have artists in your family?

My relationship with art began very organically.  I always felt a natural draw to certain types of objects, even as a kid.  This ranged from objects of extreme antiquity (I wanted to be an archaeologist as a child and still find ancient cultures fascinating), sports memorabilia, street art, to eventually fine art. I typically gravitate towards works that are labor intensiveness, detailed, and require a lot of skill and time to create.  I was kind of a strange kid growing up, I would go from football practice directly to an antique fair.
I do not have any artists in my family, nor has my family been interested in collecting art.  I've hung several of my works in my parent's home and recently helped them buy their second work, so I'm changing that!

Is there a particular art form that most interests you?

Yes absolutely.  Figurative painting is definitely the most interesting to me.  I like some abstract art, but it does not speak to me in the same way. I love to study a painting that has a narrative.  I find it very rewarding to understand why the artist created what they did and being able to decipher that myself through the imagery.

"I'm also curating a show opening October 24th in Tribeca which I'm extremely excited about. It's my first attempt at doing any type of curatorial work so I'm stoked about it."

We represent select emerging artists

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