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Premiere – "Windy Vanity" by Natalie Moses

Lee Phillips
Production / Direction

There’s no better way to describe Natalie Moses’ latest single than with its own title, “Windy Vanity,” other than maybe “rainy mania.” With haunting vocals over a trap beat, the Queens native perfectly encapsulates a feeling we all know too well: being crazy stuck on someone and the inability to shake it.

As she dancings around, trapped in a high rise loft with floor length windows looking out to grey and rain, the accompanying music video gives modern rapunzel vibes. Except instead of being trapped by her fat king husband, she’s trapped in her mind. In this case as the lyrics, “Call me, I want you to calm me,” convey, it’s a very specific kind of mind spiral. The kind where you’re stuck in cycles of obsession and unrequited love.

“One can become so engulfed by desire and heartache, that it consumes everything and sweeps you like a strong, uncontrollable wind. It can go so far as to enclose you in isolation, make you bedridden, and bring you to renounce your world, all in devotion of the dream that will never manifest,” writes Moses.

A far more grounded aspect of the single? A portion of proceeds raised by the bandcamp release are being donated by Moses to two community orgs. The first is the Herbal Mutual Aid Fund, founded by Yves and Good, which provides free herbal care to Black folks.  The second is founded by Natalie Moses herself. Court Square Justice, is an initiative started to organize the Queens community in the fight for Black lives.

In conclusion, run up the song on bandcamp. You won’t regret it and it’s for a good cause.