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Natalie Moses, "Ignore Me"

Riley Gunderson
Jenia Filatova
Production / Direction

Natalie Moses is a composer and vocalist born and raised in Queens, NY. The artist’s third single, “Ignore Me,” explores the complexities of contemporary romance.

“Ignore Me” explores the common scenario of being ignored by a potential partner in the digital age. Moses’ background in jazz music becomes apparent through the coupling of lyrical melodies and trap beats in her songs. In “Ignore Me,” the artist takes an unexpected stance on this common experience by requesting to be ignored. Playing with irony and intimacy, Moses comments on the absurdity of modern love stories. Avoidance fuels desire, humor masks hurt, and the addictive nature of toxic relationships is reflected in the addictiveness of the song.

“I think the creative process happened effortlessly for this particular song because I had something on my chest that needed an outlet for that day. It was also written among the comforts of my bedroom, so my guard was down and I could get cozy. Sometimes I have songs that are made in 20 minutes, like ‘Ignore Me’, and sometimes it can take weeks or months for me to understand and flesh a song out. It’s fun when a song comes to me quickly- when melody and lyrics flow out simultaneously without having to think about it too much… As if all it needs is for you to pluck it. My mentor Richard Harper says, ‘it is a gift from the heavens when that happens- not to be taken for granted’ and I agree.”

The somber orchestral nature of the ending of “Ignore Me” exposes the true feelings of the artist towards apathy in a relationship, showing that the desire to be ignored was in fact only a coping mechanism placed against being neglected.

“‘Ignore Me’ was born out of a cynical response to a pattern I was experiencing with being drawn to indifference, apathy, and avoidant behavior in relationships. This song came out of a personal encounter where I felt frustrated in feeling not seen and responded to. Ironically, you can equate it to being left on “seen” but not being seen… The day I wrote it (actually it felt like it wrote itself), I was feeling particularly helpless about being ignored by someone that was important to me. I heard the flirty 4 bar loop and the lyrics and melody just rolled out of my mouth at warp speed. It was cathartic to make fun of my hurt and the situation and it ended up giving me my power back that day. I like now that it could be viewed as a commentary on human behavior and the absurd love story that people can tend to have with coldness. I am tickled that all my girlfriends unanimously said “I can relate” when I played ‘Ignore Me’ for them.”

“I think my favorite part about making music is the effect it has on my senses. I love how it feels to sing- feeling the resonance and the release that takes place in my body- it’s warm and embracing. I also feel great satisfaction and stimulation when formulating ideas together with sound. Furthermore, I cherish playing and collaborating with other musicians and the feeling of merging with them via song.”

The artist is featured on our Spotify playlist “PUT ME ON” which includes songs from some of the best up-and-coming artists of the year.

You can follow Natalie Moses on Instagram @clubnatalie. You can now stream "Ignore Me" on all platforms: Spotify | Apple Music | Soundcloud.

Words by Riley Gunderson

Images by Jenia Filatova