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London's first Sterling Ruby solo show at Britannia Street Gagosian

Production / Direction

In the middle of London’s kings’ cross lies Britannia street based Gagaosian gallery only minutes’ walk from the world-famous Central Saint Martin’s so the art aura is thick as fog in the London air. Sterling Ruby produced his first dedicated show in London ever although he has works shown at the Victoria and Albert museum from back when Raf Simons used some of his spray paint pieces in his dresses.

Words by @ligerprince

Images by @polinau and @ligerprince

The show is in the largest of London gagosian spaces and was well needed as the works engulf the viewer, a tractor beam to the mind to the urge of the admirer.

The show entitled ACTS + TABLE contains 4 works from ACTS and one from TABLES. ACTS “absolute contempt for total serenity” is prisms of time and emotions held deep in dyed urethane blocks expressing his brutalist approach to a gentle desire, further pushing his idea of corrupting masculinity as a social construct set back in time.

The high white walls with the majority white staff and the essence of white wine are nothing new for blue chip galleries and Ruby’s work hacks this ideology in half with these pieces engulfing a sense of destruction of creation of something after the chaos due in time.

The second room contains one of his large cast iron pieces where he has entitled it TABLE (DOUBLE LAST SUPPER) once again pulling down the statues of past ideology to the modern-day constructs that we all so desire.

Ruby himself is as politically aware as he is visually hunting for further greatness and further creation. Within these two rooms we are fully engulfed by only 5 works. We walk closer, we close our eyes to imagine something more something less however we choose to construct our ways. These works from 2015 to 2019 of ACTS have not lost their edge of appeal even though they span from years apart and still have the desire to induce not just the intellectual but also the intellectual to his practice as one of the world’s most formidable artists.