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Interview with the creative Dan Alva

Felicity Carter
Production / Direction

How, when, why did you get into the industry?
I consider myself to be more in the advertising industry than I really am in the art industry. I’ve been working as a creative for over 15 years - branding, concepting, shooting and designing for a number of brands and shops. I recently started a position as an Executive Creative Director for an agency in Miami which has tremendous potential for growth and big thinking.

Who is your audience?
Myself. I don’t create for a specific crowd. Every single thing I touch in the studio is created with the idea in mind that I might end up living with it forever. I don’t actually live with my personal works, but if I did, I would need to be happy looking at them every day.  

How has social media impacted your brand as an artist?
It has helped me to reach a global audience. I’ve started connecting with more art patrons overseas and talking to clients I usually wouldn’t have access to. It’s a no brainer - all artists should leverage that tool and use it to their advantage.  

Tell us about the body of work that you'll be presenting at Art Miami and how long it has been in the making for...

The Outsourced Series is a modern reinterpretation of old master paintings using original oil paint and methods. The series has become my very own MFA in Art History. It’s been in the works and under research for about three years, but this last year I really kicked it off.

What's your favorite aspect of it?

Aside from the painting itself, my favorite part has been these forced collaborations between dead masters that never would have happened back in those days. For example, “Sleeping with the Fishes” has Da Vinci, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh all in one.

What's the best piece of advice that you've been given this year?
The push to bring The Outsourced Series to life. In January of this year, I approached Oliver Cole with a bunch of loose sketches, thoughts and print outs about this series. We honed in on the idea, improved it, and only focused on these paintings all year. They featured in this year’s CONTEXT fair.

What are your plans for 2020?
Bring this latest series into the 3D world. I’ve started to work with marble and am looking at other ways to put a spin on the classics. I’m also planning a solo show in Europe this summer.  

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