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New York, Please save lives by staying home.

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I got ya eyes glued open
You got a eye itch, you wanna blink
What you think? That ain't a wise pick
That's why my friends only got like three guys left
Ends only got like three five cents
You wanna blow my head off? Be my guest
Breathe out my soul, like in the cold you can see my breath

Nightlife Portraits by Lily D'Olce


Paris-based photograpeher Lily D'Olce's documents nightclub goers in Barcelona. The results have a rough polish, yet mesmerize with the immediacy of their details.

Four Walls 3 Review


Four walls have held its third show in London’s east end where the blue chips think they reign but lack the creative and youthful burst of diversity that the art world is craving so much right now especially after art Basel in Miami just a contest of who can see art through their darkest sunglasses and biggest wallets. The reformation of young artists is finally breaking through perhaps even a revolution, most likely both if we are honest.

Interview with the creative Dan Alva

Dan Alva is interviewed about The Outsourced Series, his latest labor of love a.k.a. body of artwork, which was presented at CONTEXT with Oliver Cole Gallery at Art Miami 2019.

Watch the premiere of Ntu’s new single, “Pile”

On his new release “Pile,” Ntu writes:

It’s a noise-inspired track that discusses generational trauma and what it means to be Black and free.

With “Pile,” Ntu — whom we had the pleasure of seeing perform live for the first time at Abu Nights Vol. 01, created something outside his comfort zone. Visually and sonically, “Pile” is more ambitious — harsher and multifaceted. Previous tracks like “Rememory” utilize noise elements to create texture and interest. Noise in “Pile” drives the message forward.

Interview with British photographer and non-profit ambassador Alfie Bowen

In 2014, Alfie Bowen turned to wild-life photography in order to cope with bullying and feelings of alienation. By developing a personal style and sharpening his eye, Bowen's work quickly exceeded its initial purpose as a way to battle mental illness. His well-received work aims to cultivate love and a sense of responsibility for nature. Additionaly, his images help fund conservation efforts across the globe. Follow Bowen on Instagram. View additional works on his website.

EFA Open Studios 2019 — a view into some studios

Note: EFA Open Studios is open today. Do not miss the opportunity to go, since it is the last day of this year’s event!

10011 attended EFA Open Studios last night. Unfortunately, we only saw three floors (floors 3-9 are full of studio spaces). The artists we met were extremely friendly and eloquent. They took the time to explain their work in-depth. Amelia Paige took beautiful pictures of the art and artists. Make sure to follow Amelia on Instagram and take a look at her website.

We represent select emerging artists


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Founded in 2017 as a print magazine, 10011 aims to showcase new visual and conceptual artists across the globe. With a nod to New York and a respect for academic tradition, the magazine publishes thoughtful online and print content. 10011 acknowledges the evolution of print, the magazine industry, and the art world at large by creating and curating new methods of art appreciation. To this end, video and live events are key practices.

10011 represents a limited number of artists, as exclusive dealer for unique works and talent agent for emerging artists to formally deliver high-quality creative work in their respective fields.

As editorial consumers come to expect commercial guidance and recommendations, the magazine and its subsidiary businesses partners with brands whose missions align with the direct support of artists, with exclusions never made based on medium, identity, nor cultural zeitgeist.