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The Black Artist Fund is an initiative giving money directly to Black artists to combat systemic inequity in art.


The Black Lives Matter movement, and the ongoing nationwide protests, are shining a bright spotlight on systemic injustices against Black people in the United States.

Modern and contemporary art has long dealt with questions of the institution, yet art museums and galleries still disenfranchise ethnic and socioeconomic minorities. The cold hard truth is that these institutions use Black artists to fulfill a diversity quota. One Black artist and they are done. Black artists are passed for gallery representation, group shows, art fairs, biennials, etc. Turning the tables on systematic oppression requires resources and representation.

10011 – magazine is officially launching the Black Artist Fund on June 6th, 2020. The Fund will collect funds directly from engaged art lovers and raise additional funds through art sales. The funds will be disbursed to individual Black artists and Black art collectives / organizations in the United States.

Funds raised: $36,209
Grants awarded: $7,600

Next funding goal: $50,000
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BAF Voting Board

The BAF Decision and Accountability Board is an all BIPOC group of people, from diverse artistic and professional backgrounds, that votes on grant recipients on a weekly basis.
Kameron Robinson
New York, NY
Artist and Technologist
Kiara Ventura
Brooklyn, NY
Curator and Writer
Nicole Zizi
New York, NY
Multimedia Artist and Curator
Sienna Brown
New York, NY
Aurora Perrineau
Los Angeles, CA
Activist and Actress
Candice Agard
New York, NY
Photographer and Podcast Host
Rachel Ng
New York, NY
Art Historian
Ibn Itaka
Puerto Rico
DJ, Record Producer, and Film Scorer
Samuel Abraham Piland Chicchón
New York, NY
Multimedia Artist and Musician
Lourenzo Smith
New York, NY
Kaelin Martin
Miami, FL
Darryl Westly
New York, NY
Claudia Eng
New York, NY
Founder, BAF

BAF Grant Recipients

Taylor Simmons



Lourdes Jackson



Lost Ultra


Multimedia Artist and Musician

Lauryn Levette


Multimedia Artist

Brandon Ndife



Morgan Hughes



Ashley Teamer


Multimedia Artist

Jocelyn Campbell



Alexander Harrison



The Color Cienna M.


Digital Artist

Marvin Luvaulu


Multimedia Artist

Dáreece Walker



Andre Oshea


Digital Artist

Hesire Lawton


Photographer and Multimedia Artist

Ibn Itaka



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